Space matters. That’s according to the extremely talented Turkish artist, Mehmet Ali Uysal. For him, space is paramount – the be all and end all. This is truly reflected in the title of his latest works, ‘Space Matters’. In this collection he has explored how to reshape interior and exterior space around him.

For me the exterior work is by far the highlight in this collection, but Uysal has more to say about the interior spacial work he has done, “the gallery become porous and are no longer a limitation. They become part of the work.”

Okay, can’t argue with that, but I can’t help but feel that a certain Salvador Dali has been influential in his work. Not a criticism, just an observation. And, it’s no bad thing, as I’m sure countless artists have too.

I do love the Clothes Peg piece – it’s genius. So, if I win the EuroMillions Lottery any time soon – and if I can get planning permission – I’m going to commission him to make me a big clothes peg sculpture for my garden (in the Tuscan Villa I am yet to buy).

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