I am excited to welcome our first intern, Paula Ugochukwu.

Paula is a final-year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield, with a genuine (and BIG!) passion for digital marketing. As well as her degree studies, she also runs her own lifestyle blog and YouTube channel, with a combined following of 1,200+.

Paula stood out from all the other student intern requests I receive (on a regular basis) for two reasons. The first being, that she is already active with her own successful digital channels and therefore doesn’t have to prove herself. The second reason is that in her interview she came across well and rightly or wrongly proclaimed to be ‘the Queen of LinkedIn’. Which made me smile, so I had to procure these regal qualities for the agency!

In her first week, she has delivered creative ideas, input and insight into our digital projects. On top of that, Paula has also brought laughter and energy into the studio – so Her Royal Highness is a welcome addition to the team.

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