Our team at Herron are always sharing ideas, articles, videos and social media accounts that we find interesting, motivating or just plain funny. It’s a great way to keep up to date with what’s going on in the digital world (and beyond) — and can also inspire new ideas when it comes to our own work.

An Instagram account that caught my eye recently was by photographer Luke Rasmussen. Going by the Instagram handle @phlukes, Luke has managed to fuse both his passions — photography and climbing — in a series he calls ‘Motion Illuminated’.

Based in the rocky outskirts of Las Vegas, Luke has been working to capture what he describes as “the motion of the climb”. He produces these fantastic shots — a kaleidoscope of light and nature — by using a long exposure on his camera, while climbing with an LED light strapped to his body.

Speaking in an interview about his work, Luke said: “The experience of climbing is rooted in a flowing state, moving from one hold to the next, fluidly connecting the natural features in a rock face. In order to study this flow, I wanted to be able to visualize it in a single image. I wanted to freeze time in a moment.”

While I found the visual impact impressive, and the process fascinating, it made me think of the power of technology when used in creative ways. Taking new technology and applying it to more traditional artistic practices or principles — like photography, art and design for example — is something we often consider in our own work.

And while it’s unlikely we’ll be climbing mountains carrying LED lights anytime soon, it’s always brilliant to see how other creatives are integrating tech into their work — and producing some truly incredible results.


You can follow Luke’s work here.
And for more of what’s inspiring us, check out our Instagram here.

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