With a second lockdown underway — and our days becoming increasingly darker — I have a new appreciation for all that is bright, bold and colourful.

Which is why, lately, I’ve been loving the art of London-based artist Morag Myerscough. I’ve been following Myerscough, mostly through Instagram, since she brought her work to a billboard in Leeds during lockdown No. 1 — a message of thanks to dedicated frontline workers in collaboration with street art project In Good Company.

Creating work that “creates specific local responses” in order to “create community and build identity”, Myerscough has splashed colour with intent on all manner of indoor and outdoor spaces, including schools, town centres and cultural hubs.

In 2017 she brightened 46 en-suite bedrooms and six multi-occupancy suites for a new wing at Sheffield Children’s Hospital with her graphic style and patterns. Her most recent piece, an eight-metre tall installation titled A New Now, is located in the centre of Paris located close to the Centre Pompidou. The public artwork speaks to the collective experience of the global community during the pandemic, as well as the importance of living in, and reacting to, the here and now.

A New Now, by Myerscough is located in the centre of Paris

“At this present time, the current situation feels like a slow road to recovery,” Myerscough said, in an interview with architecture and design magazine dezeen.

“We should see it as an opportunity to rethink how we use our outside spaces to make them work harder and be more experimental and expressive for everyone. Our streets, buildings and open spaces should be playgrounds for public art and for making artworks that connect with communities, that give a sense of belonging and pride – it’s a powerful way of bringing people together and enriching our environment.”


You can follow Morag Myerscough on Instagram here.
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