We spoke to the Vice President of TTI, Geoff Breed about the evolution of the company and the lasting importance of print.

What can you tell us about TTI?

TTI is a global company and the leading authorised distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components. Our headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas where the company was founded, but we have European and Asian regional headquarters as well. Our centralised warehouse is about 20 kilometres North West of downtown Munich.

We’re an authorised distributor, which means that we act on behalf — and as a partner for — specific manufacturers of components, providing end customers with logistics, technical support and inventory on the shelf. These manufacturers range from technology specific niche companies to huge multinational blue chip corporations.

Our inventory of electronic components can be found in just about everything, from cell phones to cars, household appliances, computer systems and audio visual equipment right through to the industrial equipment that packs food for supermarkets. It’s as far reaching as air craft, defence equipment and radars. Of recent significance are the components for medical ventilator systems that we are distributing to help support governments and health care services around the world.

TTI Europe's Headquarters

How has the company evolved and grown?

TTI is 50 years old this year; it was founded back in 1971 by Paul Andrews. What started off as a small business in Fort Worth has grown over this time into a multinational, global organisation. In 2006, TTI and its subsidiary company Mouser Electronics joined the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, owned by Warren Buffet. Since then, we’ve continued on this path of growth. Our global warehouses now contain over 850,000 component part numbers. Combined with subsidiaries Mouser Electronics, Sager Electronics and TSG, we employ approximately 6,700 people in over 133 locations across Europe, North America and Asia.

Have the company’s design and marketing needs changed over the years?

In our industry there’s still a need for print collateral. The engineering and technical community really value having the touch and feel element; they want a resource they can have on their desk and leaf through. We have also expanded into digital and social media marketing. We focus quite heavily on LinkedIn as well as the distribution of marketing materials via digital platforms.

It’s become more important than ever that everything that’s part of the TTI brand, including the print and digital collateral, is consistent and connected. It’s been interesting to see how much more refined our goals and objectives can be, now that we can track the results through digital marketing campaigns.

When did you begin working with Herron?

We were introduced to Paul from Herron around 2002, back when the European side of the company was still relatively small. We didn’t have as many internal resources at the time, and we used a lot of external agencies to support our marketing initiatives. We needed someone to help us with creative design as well as branding for our literature, including brochures specifically for our European business and Paul was that person.

How has that relationship changed over the past 20 years?

While we’re a much larger company now — with many more internal resources including our in-house marketing team — we have continued to work with Paul on many of the design aspects. This includes all sorts of graphics, logos, brochures, flyers, collateral for customers, internal tools and exhibitions. He also helps when we’re working on exhibitions with backdrops, posters and other various materials.

Paul is definitely a key part of what we do and has contributed to the company’s market recognition; we have had a long standing and consistent relationship. His involvement in the company over the past twenty years has given him great insight to TTI and has enabled him to come up with some great ideas. We consider him a key resource, and his input is always very welcomed.


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