We’ve been working with the team at Herose UK for over 15 years; it’s been brilliant to see the company’s continued growth and be a part of their journey and support their brand evolution. Our most recent project with Herose UK was to create the campaign and content around their latest offering — the 360° Solution.

Having identified a gap in the marketplace, Herose UK had put together a range of products (including best-in-class cryogenic valves, labels, insulation materials and handling products) to a niche set of customers that manufacture liquid cylinders. They believed it was a pioneering solution — one that would help their customers to simplify procurement and installation, while enhancing their equipment offering to clients. The challenge for us at Herron was to package this product range and promote it in a clear and interesting way to a global and niche audience to drive sales.

We began by spending time with the team to get a better understanding of the products that would be available in the range. Taking inspiration from the cylindrical nature of the cryogenic equipment — as well as the uniquely holistic nature of the offering — we came up with a title for it: 360° Solutions for Cryogenic Equipment.

Having decided on how to label the product range, we developed further elements of the campaign, starting off with design and visual considerations as well as tone of voice and language. We believed it was important to break down the campaign story into five key components, which would allow us to clearly highlight product benefits and engage prospective customers. From the top of the cylinder downwards, we created the headlines Operate, Inform, Insulate, Move, Store — which would be integrated into the visual and written content of the campaign.

Thinking through the content further, we decided the best medium to capture the attention of existing and prospective global audiences was video. Using 3D animation, we were able to take what was an inanimate object and create a photo-realistic look and feel.

Through sound design and animation, the end product was a cinematic presentation of the 360° Solution that, since its release, has captured the attention of Herose UK’s existing customer base and has resulted in solid enquiries from prospects — and is now generating sales. To push the campaign even further and reach even more customers, we developed a social media strategy and associated content which was pushed out through Herose UK’s LinkedIn account.

The 360° Solution campaign put together by the team at Herron was fantastic. The process — from generating the idea, to putting together an initial plan through to the video, marketing and implementation was seamless and professional. Their knowledge and skill-set made for an effective campaign, generating a lot of new interest from original equipment manufacturers as well as new orders.

Keith StewartManaging Director

We’re delighted to have played a successful role in helping Herose UK package their new product range and promote it through a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

You can watch the 360˚ campaign video we created below;

If you have a brand that needs re-energising — or a product offering that you want bringing to life — get in touch.

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