I’ve written before about the temptation to ‘doomscroll’. It’s too easy to get trapped in a timeline of bad news.

And with these months made darker without their festive lighting, the electric glow of our phones can be like a moth to an LED bulb. Getting stuck in the scroll feels effortless. But it’s not the best remedy for the January blues.

Of course, there’s another side to these first months of the year. A contradictory lightness to the content. A new year can, if you want it to, feel like a fresh page in a notebook. It’s a chance to organise your mind and motivations. And maybe your space, too.

That’s why lately, I’ve been loving the clean-lined aesthetic of Instagram and TikTok account @ _numbersixtysix_.

The @_numbersixtysix_ account is run by someone called Rose. And while the creator themselves remains pretty elusive online their organise and cleaning accounts have thousands of fans and followers.

The premise for the content itself is simple — and common. Tips and tricks to better organise your home or workspace. Food prepping, restocking and finding new ways to capitalise on space.

But what drew me to this account in the first place was not the content itself, but how it was presented. The clean-lined aesthetic and (almost) monochromatic colour palettes made these clips of organising incredibly satisfying to watch. Seeing cans stacked with precision and the gratifying sound of things getting sorted has an addictive quality about it.

It’s certainly difficult to view just one of these videos.

I think what I like about this account is how much it gives purposefulness to the mundane. Day-to-day tasks like restocking kitchen roll become elevated; giving household items a place with intention transforms an otherwise mindless action into something more.

There’s probably something to be said about the way these videos are shot and the ASMR-like quality of the audio. They’re certainly addictive to watch, and intentionally designed to be.

It’s an account I’d recommend following if you’d like to lighten your scroll — and perhaps refresh your mind, too.

The end

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