• The new Herron: our journey of brand transformation

    How it all began There’s been significant growth in the business since we launched in 2017. Not only have we expanded our portfolio [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 11 Nov 20227 min read
  • Holly, Studio Manager

    Meet the team: Holly, Studio Manager

    At Herron, we’ve always operated as a team of specialists — sometimes working remotely, other times together — so we can bring our clients [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 24 Jul 20211.6 min read
  • A new home for Herron

    It’s been great weather these past few weeks and amazing to see people out and about enjoying it. After a long year and [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 9 Jun 20211.2 min read
  • We’ll keep this brief

    We’re big believers in co-creation at Herron — not only in terms of the creative journey, but also in getting the best information [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 6 May 20213.7 min read
  • Put your money where your mouth is

    5 tips to get your brand voice match fit. Ever started a new book and then just found that you couldn’t go on [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 26 Jan 20217.2 min read
  • Data + Brexit: what’s to come in 2021

    With one of the most unexpectedly eventful years coming to an end — and some optimism surrounding the vaccine — many are looking towards [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 18 Dec 20203.4 min read
  • Irregular News

    Our team at Herron are always sharing ideas, articles, videos and social media accounts that we find interesting, motivating or just plain funny. [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 16 Nov 20200.6 min read
  • 3D visualisation and animation — bringing your products to life

    A career in 3D I’ve been working as a 3D Visualiser and Animator for over 20 years. I was first introduced to the [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 18 Aug 20203.5 min read
  • Why you should always keep your website updated

    If you're an owner or Managing Director of a small- to medium-sized business, you almost certainly have a company website. (If you don't, for [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 13 Jun 20194.1 min read
  • Paula Ugochukwu - Intern at HERRON + CO

    Meet our new intern – Paula

    I am excited to welcome our first intern, Paula Ugochukwu. Paula is a final-year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield, with a [...]

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 28 Jan 20190.9 min read