Inspiration is everywhere, you’ve just got to stop for a second and breathe it all in. Take a break from your busy schedule and explore some of our insight, inspiration and interviews.

  • Lately, we love… the intricate world of illustrator Saba Lashay

    I caught up with Saba in her flat in London on a Zoom call to talk about her latest work and her passion for illustration. Here’s what she said!

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 7 Jan 20214.6 min read
  • Data + Brexit: what’s to come in 2021

    We spoke to Peter Wright, Managing Director of Digital Law, to find out what companies need to do now to be ready for Brexit.

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 18 Dec 20203.4 min read
  • Disruptive Tech: Exhibitions

    This instalment of our Disruptive Technology series focuses on virtual exhibitions and the potential benefits they have for our clients.

    Categories: Disruptive TechPublished On: 10 Dec 20205.7 min read
  • Irregular News

    We want to begin sharing our news, views, projects and the things we love with the world outside our studio, which is why we’ve decided to launch Irregular News; a not-so-often publication that showcases what we’ve been talking about, working on and more.

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 16 Nov 20200.6 min read
  • Morag Myerscough's colourful billboard in Leeds, Yorkshire

    Lately, we love… the colourful works of Morag Myerscough

    Amidst the second lockdown, artist Morag Myerscough creates colourful public artworks to build community, including an installation in Paris titled "A New Now".

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 9 Nov 20201.6 min read
  • Lately, we love… Motion Illuminated

    An Instagram account that caught my eye recently was by photographer Luke Rasmussen. He's managed to fuse both his passions — photography and climbing — in a series he calls ‘Motion Illuminated’.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 22 Oct 20201.8 min read
  • Disruptive Tech: Health

    Discover the latest health tech innovations revolutionising the sector, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, 3D Bioprinting and smart medical practices.

    Categories: Disruptive TechPublished On: 14 Sep 20206.7 min read
  • 3D visualisation and animation — bringing your products to life

    3D Visualiser & Animator with 20+ years experience creates realistic 3D images for a range of sectors, including manufacturing. 3D offers flexibility & engaging storytelling.

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 18 Aug 20203.5 min read
  • Hey Duggee – 3D experiment

    Hey Duggee — an experiment in 3D visualisation during lockdown

    This experiment was a result of two things that happened during lockdown: a quiet work period, and more time spent with my three kids.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 7 Jul 20201.5 min read
  • Lately, we love… We Want Plates

    "We Want Plates" is a Twitter account mocking the trend of serving food on non-plate surfaces. Its absurdity is entertaining.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 22 May 20202.5 min read


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