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  • Krispy Kreme; less control, more focus

    Krispy Kreme, a famous doughnut brand, has taken a hands-off approach to social media marketing, allowing fans to control the brand's communications. This has led to a more focused approach and loyal customer-generated content, demonstrating the benefits of the 'less control, more focus' philosophy.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 31 Jul 20173.6 min read
  • Rich Kids of Instagram

    'Rich Kids of Instagram' (RKOI) features opulent, ostentatious and sometimes vulgar materialistic lifestyles of super-rich kids captured through Instagram. It's addictive!

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 24 Jul 20173.5 min read
  • Using carefully broken and intricate shards of glass, Marta Klonowska has created a collection of beautiful, translucent animals in life-like size.

    Lately, we love… Marta Klonowska

    Polish artist Marta Klonowska creates stunning, life-like translucent animals using shards of glass, inspired by baroque paintings. Impressive execution.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 19 Jul 20171 min read
  • Free hugs in Seoul. Image taken by Paul Herron

    Seoul is strange. I like it.

    Many things about Seoul are challenging for a visitor from Sheffield – you have the feeling that you are completely out of your depth.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 7 Jul 20171.7 min read
  • Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz

    Design Legends #3 – Otto Neurath & Gerd Arntz

    Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz are the true pioneers of skeuomorphic or flat and minimal, the use of pictograms and iconography.

    Categories: Design LegendsPublished On: 7 Jun 20172.5 min read
  • Design Legends Series - Total Design

    Design Legends #2 – Total Design

    Total Design, a pioneering Dutch multi-disciplinary design studio, emphasized clarity and functionality in their work. They created long-lasting brands and influenced the industry.

    Categories: Design LegendsPublished On: 7 May 20173.1 min read
  • Design Legends Series - Design Research Unit

    Design Legends #1 – The Design Research Unit

    Celebrate design in its purist form with "Design Legends" series. Let's acknowledge design for people, industry and social good. Meet the DRU, who branded Britain.

    Categories: Design LegendsPublished On: 5 Apr 20172.9 min read


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