• Lately, we love… We Want Plates

    "We Want Plates" is a Twitter account mocking the trend of serving food on non-plate surfaces. Its absurdity is entertaining.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 22 May 20202.5 min read
  • Disruptive Tech: Food

    This instalment of our Disruptive Tech Series showcases innovations revolutionizing the food industry, such as vertical farming, open-source food, 3D-printed food, and plant-based meat.

    Categories: Disruptive TechPublished On: 30 Mar 20206.5 min read
  • Krispy Kreme; less control, more focus

    Krispy Kreme, a famous doughnut brand, has taken a hands-off approach to social media marketing, allowing fans to control the brand's communications. This has led to a more focused approach and loyal customer-generated content, demonstrating the benefits of the 'less control, more focus' philosophy.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 31 Jul 20173.6 min read
  • Free hugs in Seoul. Image taken by Paul Herron

    Seoul is strange. I like it.

    Many things about Seoul are challenging for a visitor from Sheffield – you have the feeling that you are completely out of your depth.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 7 Jul 20171.7 min read