• Geoff Breed

    5 questions with Geoff Breed

    We spoke to the Vice President of TTI, Geoff Breed about the evolution of the company and the lasting importance of print.

    Categories: Meet the clientsPublished On: 8 Mar 20213.9 min read
  • EVH brochure cover

    TTI — a 20-year journey in design

    I began working alongside TTI’s marketing team in Munich back in 2002, to provide creative assets for its 46 European sales branches.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 8 Mar 20215.1 min read
  • Anson Evaluate logo

    Anson Evaluate — distilling a brand message

    Anson Evaluate, a compliance and training firm, needed a distinct identity with a new name and brand to target corporate clients.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 6 May 20204.9 min read
  • Digital law – designing for a global marketplace

    Inconsistencies in Digital Law's branding and social media channels were addressed through customer-cantered design and a comprehensive rebrand. The new global brand attracted international clients.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 3 Feb 20206 min read
  • Abbeydale Brewery + Tramlines

    Designer creates unique pump-clips for Abbeydale Brewery's official Tramlines beer, using discarded vinyl records screen-printed with graphics.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 19 Jul 20182.4 min read
  • CARAT China - programmatic literature cover

    Star Wars brochure

    CARAT's Chinese HQ commissioned a "Star Wars" themed design project on programmatic advertising, resulting in a brilliant outcome and positive testimonial.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 22 May 20181.8 min read
  • Transact - website homepage

    The power of small

    Small businesses matter. They offer flexibility, specialization, and ambition, but are limited by finance. Good design agencies can help build successful brands.

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 22 Feb 20181.5 min read
  • 5 tips from Walter Landor

    Five tips from Waltor Landor

    Discover five branding tips from Walter Landor, a legendary designer known for creating iconic logos and branding strategies.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 17 Aug 20172.7 min read
  • Emma Drohan Interiors - Corporate identity

    Brand project for interior designer

    Emma Drohan offers bespoke interior design for all tastes and budgets, with a diverse and adaptable brand design that stands out.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 2 Aug 20171.1 min read
  • Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz

    Design Legends #3 – Otto Neurath & Gerd Arntz

    Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz are the true pioneers of skeuomorphic or flat and minimal, the use of pictograms and iconography.

    Categories: Design LegendsPublished On: 7 Jun 20172.5 min read