• Dr. Simon T. Chase

    5 questions with Dr. Simon T. Chase

    We spoke with Chase Research Cryogenics’s Director and founder, Dr. Simon T. Chase about the company’s rebrand and the incredible work they do — for some of the biggest names in science.

    Categories: Meet the clientsPublished On: 21 Jun 20214.3 min read
  • quantum mechanics

    Lately, we love… quantum mechanics

    Quantum Mechanics is going to have a massively disruptive effect on a wide range of industries and applications in the years ahead.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 5 Feb 20215.8 min read
  • Pavegen football pitch in a Rio favela

    Brazil’s kinetic football pitch

    A Brazilian football pitch has floodlights powered by players' footsteps, using 200 kinetic tiles. The technology was created by Pavegen, a clean-tech company.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 27 Feb 20182.4 min read
  • T-money card - South Korea

    Lately, we love… T-Money

    South Korea's T-Money system, owned by Seoul City Government and LG, has replaced cash and debit cards for many everyday transactions.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 22 Feb 20181.9 min read