• Furniss & White image

    The art of the foundry photoshoot

    Matt Swift is great at what he does. He gets just as excited about doing a foundry photoshoot as I do. We’re like two kids in a sweetshop when we’re in a foundry – except there’s molten steel flying about, not wine gums. So, I decided that it was time for Matt to put on record why he enjoys shooting in foundries – here’s his perspective.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 22 Sep 20218.4 min read
  • Lately, we love… Motion Illuminated

    An Instagram account that caught my eye recently was by photographer Luke Rasmussen. He's managed to fuse both his passions — photography and climbing — in a series he calls ‘Motion Illuminated’.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 22 Oct 20201.8 min read
  • Saharawi ghost people - tent dwelling

    Lately, we love… Andrew McConnell

    Irish photographer Andrew McConnell's work on the Saharawi people's plight, won the 1st Prize in the portrait category. The Saharawi people have been in a decades-long dispute for independence, a story that needs to be told.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 17 Mar 20184.2 min read
  • Bernd + Hilla Becher - gas tanks

    The beauty of industry

    The beauty and drama of heavy industry captured through design and photography, exploring the work of Jurriaan Schrofer and Bernd and Hilla Becher.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 11 Jan 20182.7 min read
  • Sofia & Mauro shot of model cutting teddy bear

    Lately, we love… Sofia & Mauro

    I recently came across some fashion photography that stopped me in my tracks. It’s the work of a renowned Argentinian duo Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello – aka Sofia & Mauro.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 7 Aug 20171 min read