Breathe and Stop

Inspiration is everywhere, you’ve just got to stop for a second and breathe it all in. Take a break from your busy schedule and explore some of our insight, inspiration and interviews.

  • Pelé the kisser, a street-art series by Luis Bueno

    Lately, we love… Pelé the Kisser

    São Paulo-based artist Luis Bueno's street-art series, Pelé the Kisser, features the football legend kissing various celebrities and icons. The series reflects topical events and is created using digital and manual techniques.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 18 Feb 20194.2 min read
  • Paula Ugochukwu - Intern at HERRON + CO

    Meet our new intern – Paula

    Introducing Paula Ugochukwu, a final-year Journalism student with a big passion for digital marketing and successful lifestyle blog/YouTube channel. Exciting addition to the team.

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 28 Jan 20190.9 min read
  • Online academy for Flexseal

    Flexseal modernises its business by using technology to add value to its civil and drainage sector customers. Their new online training platform, Flexseal Academy, provides tailored training materials to keep up with industry standards and changes.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 2 Oct 20181.6 min read
  • Paula Scher coming to Sheffield

    Inside the mind of Paula Scher

    "Abstract" on Netflix takes us into the mind of Paula Scher, an award-winning designer with clients like Coca-Cola and Microsoft. She emphasizes playfulness in design.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 10 Sep 20180.9 min read
  • Abbeydale Brewery + Tramlines

    Designer creates unique pump-clips for Abbeydale Brewery's official Tramlines beer, using discarded vinyl records screen-printed with graphics.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 19 Jul 20182.4 min read
  • Ken Garland - blog

    First things first

    While half the nation has packed itself off to the beaches of Europe the Herron studio keeps going. This summer I’ll be launching multiple projects – with a global target audience – for my clients in the Sheffield City Region.

    Categories: CompanyPublished On: 12 Jul 20183.3 min read
  • CARAT China - programmatic literature cover

    Star Wars brochure

    CARAT's Chinese HQ commissioned a "Star Wars" themed design project on programmatic advertising, resulting in a brilliant outcome and positive testimonial.

    Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 22 May 20181.8 min read
  • Saharawi ghost people - tent dwelling

    Lately, we love… Andrew McConnell

    Irish photographer Andrew McConnell's work on the Saharawi people's plight, won the 1st Prize in the portrait category. The Saharawi people have been in a decades-long dispute for independence, a story that needs to be told.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 17 Mar 20184.2 min read
  • Pavegen football pitch in a Rio favela

    Brazil’s kinetic football pitch

    A Brazilian football pitch has floodlights powered by players' footsteps, using 200 kinetic tiles. The technology was created by Pavegen, a clean-tech company.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 27 Feb 20182.4 min read
  • T-money card - South Korea

    Lately, we love… T-Money

    South Korea's T-Money system, owned by Seoul City Government and LG, has replaced cash and debit cards for many everyday transactions.

    Categories: Lately, we love...Published On: 22 Feb 20181.9 min read