Distilling a brand message

Anson Evaluate is a leading compliance and training firm, based in the UK and working on a global scale. Herron were asked to help create a brand and digital strategy for Anson Evaluate that would help them attract a global, corporate audience and give them a platform for future growth.

Something that the Herron team did really well was to truly understand what I wanted to portray as a brand; that we were both equally professional and approachable.

Dr. Heather Anson, Director

Having been previously associated with law firm Digital Law, the company not only needed distinctive branding that set them apart, but a new name. We worked closely with our client to help them get to the core of their brand vision as well as identifying key values of their business that would inform their digital strategy — in this instance, an equally approachable and professional feel to the design.

Anson Evaluate’s new brand and website encapsulates the company’s offering and appeals to the larger, corporate audience that will drive their growth going forward.

Anson Evaluate note pad design
The end

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    Anson Evaluate — distilling a brand message

    Anson Evaluate, a compliance and training firm, needed a distinct identity with a new name and brand to target corporate clients.

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  • Dr Heather Anson

    5 questions with Dr. Heather Anson

    Anson Evaluate is a leading global compliance and training firm, specializing in helping companies comply with emerging technology regulations. Their name change and branding allowed them to distinguish themselves from Digital Law UK. We sat down with Dr. Heather Anson to talk about her experience of working with us.

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