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We worked closely with the Cast Metals Federation (CMF) to create an intuitive website that truly represented the UK’s casting industry to the global manufacturing communities.

The challenge was to deliver a clear, fresh articulation of what the Federation is, what it stands for and to lead the competitive edge of the UK cast metals industry within the global marketplace. At the same time we were tasked with overhauling its internal communications with its members.

Today’s casting industry is modern and dynamic and we need to be able to reflect our members as vital solutions providers to the global advanced manufacturing industry. Working with Paul and his team enabled CMF to overhaul the way we communicate.

Dr Pam Murrell,
Chief Executive

Our primary mission was to make the website work for its members by generating new business enquiries from across the globe. To do this, we led with a full-page search feature, making it fast and easy for potential buyers to find a foundry, or suppliers to foundries. The task required a careful balance of design, functionality, technology, useful content and clean data.

The login area provides members with access to specialist event information, technical literature, jobs and equipment sales.

British Foundries
Million pounds sterling sales
Kilotonnes of castings
Employees in the UK

We are proud to have established a distinctive, compelling CMF positioning, along with a verbal and visual toolkit that has enabled them to go to a global market more effectively for themselves and on behalf of their members.

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