Creating a compelling brand voice and identity

Compona is the No.1 supplier of connectors and cable assemblies in Switzerland. They pride themselves on having a deep working knowledge of their niche sector and can provide product and technical solutions that meet clients’ needs.

After being acquired by TTI in 2018, Compona realised that their brand no longer reflected their position as Swiss market leader, and was in need of significant overhaul if it were to retain its customer perception.

Our process began with an exploratory brand workshop to find out what set Compona apart form other connectivity specialists.

This was a fascinating session that unearthed considerable insight around Compona’s journey as a business, their customer philosophy and their core purpose: connecting their customers with the best technical solution to achieve their goal.

Our solution is inspired by the dynamic application of the brand range of connectivity solutions that Compona delivers to global innovators.

The simplicity of the logo is maintained while being subtly augmented with a stylised ‘C’ and ‘O’ which reiterates the power of Compona’s connectivity solutions. The proprietary brand graphics emulate the form and motion of synapses firing in the minds of innovators to express Compona’s synergy with the ambition of its end users.

This compelling new brand image is supported by a fresh set of brand values, positioning statement and brand signature, all succinctly articulated in ‘client centric’ language that speaks with confidence and authenticity.

Our work with Compona has resulted in a brand image and voice that not only reflects its contemporary position as a connectivity specialist driving innovation, but also as a genuine partner helping to realise clients’ ambition.

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