Identifying USP to drive global sales

Established in 1980, Furniss & White is a family-owned, independent British steel foundry specialising in castings, fabrications and precision machining. A modern foundry, the company is based in Sheffield and supplies high quality steel castings to a number of key manufacturing sectors worldwide.

The service from the team at Herron has been second-to-none. We get compliments on the website all the time — it really showcases what we can do and has led to us attracting new clients in the UK and overseas.

Josh Kershaw, Sales Manager

Herron were tasked with a rebrand of the business as well as a new website to attract global consumers and drive sales. As part of the rebrand, Herron shifted the messaging to appeal to a new clientele, identifying and highlighting Furniss & White’s USP as an all-in-one solution — reducing lead times for customers and minimising risks.

This positioning fed into a full rebrand, which included a new logo that better reflected the company as a truly modern working foundry. The branding served as the design foundation for Furniss and White’s new website — communicating key sales messages to their growing global customer-base.


Furniss & White website
Furniss & White web design
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