Building a bespoke Procurement Portal

A leading industrial gas and engineering company, Linde GmbH serves an international marketplace — with annual sales of over $33 billion. Their engineering partner for modular solutions is HEROSE UK, a longstanding client of Herron’s.

Herron were approached by Linde GmbH to streamline their manual sales process and increase efficiencies between the two companies through smart, considered design.

The Procurement Portal works seamlessly and has completely removed any challenges that we previously had. Whether it’s issues with currency or shipping types, or mistaken orders, it provides a foolproof way for Linde to place their purchase orders. The new solution looks professional and attractive — the team at Herron did an excellent job.

Head of Procurement, Linde GmbH

The companies’ existing process required Linde’s global engineers to make onsite inspections and place their modules order via lengthy emails to their procurement department — who then placed an order with HEROSE UK.

This created space for human error and caused inefficiencies and frustration for personnel at all levels, across both companies. Linde GmbH, HEROSE UK and our team at Herron agreed that a digital solution would elevate and improve their order purchasing process and make life easier for everyone involved.

We began by working with the team in Munich, at Linde GmbH to get an understanding of their purchasing method and how their engineers placed orders while identifying all their pain points.

We quickly realised that their existing process was causing delays in the supply chain due to the massive amount of data that was transmitted between the two companies.

Having completed a full scope of the project requirements, we knew the solution was a procurement portal. A one-stop-shop for order purchasing that would store all the information (including prices in GBP, USD and EUR as well as product details) that Linde engineers needed for them to build an order while on-site.

Working closely with both companies, our team created a web application with a straightforward user journey and modern UI.

The end-to-end solution offers everything that’s required for engineers to place their orders with HEROSE UK, where and when they need to — increasing efficiency and removing chances for error. The new Procurement Portal provides a seamless process at all stages, and both companies will benefit from its use.

For us at Herron, it was an enjoyable and rewarding project for us to work in collaboration with these industry-leading companies. We’re delighted to have created a truly bespoke solution, bringing further innovation and cutting-edge technologies to their global operations and supporting their growth.

Key features include:

User-friendly product selection
Engineers can easily browse through various product categories, selecting specific parts and components to create customised orders.

Effortless currency conversion
Engineers can easily switch between different currencies on-the-fly, simplifying international purchasing and ensuring cost transparency.

Seamless cart management
Engineers can conveniently save their shopping cards for future use, ensuring that their carefully selected products and parts are reliably stored for hassle-free future orders.

Streamlined order continuation
Engineers can effortlessly load a previously-saved card, enabling them to resume their order creation process with ease, reducing redundancy and saving valuable time.

Integration with SAP
The procurement portal seamlessly integrates with Linde’s internal SAP system. Offering two convenient options for order submission — direct transfer or PDF download. Ensuring efficient processing and flexibility in procurement workflows.

Real-time order verification
The procurement portal enhances order reliability by constantly verifying and cross-referencing data with a server-side API. This real-time validation ensures that orders are placed correctly, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining the process for engineers.

Linde engineer using the procurement portal
The end

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