62% increase in online sales

Panel Systems came to us with a familiar problem, they were a brand that had fallen into the trap of talking to themselves. For them everything was clear and straightforward. But for their customers everything online was a mass of confusion. They had dozens of microsites that made it difficult to find basic information and online transactions were almost impossible – which meant the business was losing enquiries via the website and online sales.

My solution was to create an eCommerce website that housed all of their corporate, brand and product messages in one place. It was custom-built from the ground up to be 100% fit-for-purpose and increase search visibility and online sales.

Partnering with Herron was a game-changer. Our previous digital footprint was overly complex and deterred customers, but Herron streamlined everything into a single, user-friendly platform, leading to a 12% boost in online sales within a year. This transformation has significantly improved our customer experience and our sales performance.

Chris Ibbotson, Managing Director

We worked closely with the client team to remove all the internal language and create revised product categories and an overall online information architecture that was based on making it easy for a customer to find what they were looking for.

All my design and development decisions were based on data, facts and statistics. This approach ensured the website now makes sense to users, which resulted in 12% increase in online sales – from both new and returning customers – within 12 months.

The end

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