Elevating perceptions of cutting edge trenchless technology

S1E Limited is a specialist supplier of trenchless technologies to the drainage repair industry, focused on sourcing quality products that are tried and tested for professional use. Our journey with S1E began with a conversation about their best selling product, ‘Pipe Doctor’ — a No-Dig Pipe Repair technology giving professional contractors a permanent (and watertight finish) to damaged pipes. Their existing video online lacked the appropriate style and appeared dated. 

S1E wanted a solution that mitigated the issues of filming demonstrations with Piper Doctor on site. Alongside weather conditions, they were finding it a challenge to film the kit effectively in a live environment. The company also wanted to convey the user experience of Pipe Doctor to its target audience in a way that better promoted the sophistication of the technology, while also giving professionals an idea of how it actually works.

We were impressed by Pipe Doctor’s technology and aimed to leverage this from the outset. Our suggestion was to elevate the product and experience from the perception of it’s user. We’d do this by employing motion design to lead viewers through the journey — while simultaneously amplifying the dynamics of the technology. This approach would give us the ability to fully control the light, motion and environment of the sequence, while also presenting a more engaging experience for viewers. 

We began the process with a site visit to see a live demonstration of Pipe Doctor in action. We recorded the session with photography and video to capture every detail of the process and help sequence the motion design.

After spending some time showcasing the tools and methods to Paul and the team, they provided us with a really detailed visual storyboard. The level of technical knowledge they absorbed, then imparted back to us in such a simple way was amazing and demonstrates their capabilities for compelling storytelling.

S1E Marketing Manager

Having gathered all the research, we drafted a detailed storyboard which outlined how we saw the video working when it came to narrative and motion. The storyboard was a key step in guiding the brief for our motion design team — ensuring that they knew exactly what we were looking to achieve in the video. As there was to be no script or voiceover, we created an animated toolkit within the video to clarify action required at key points of the process.

Once we’d got our hands on a first draft we were blown away; they’d nailed the brief and provided us with a clean, simple and modern piece of work that reinforced our brand proposition.

S1E Marketing Manager

The final video presented a sophisticated, immersive and timeless motion experience; one that elevated the status and capability of this cutting edge technology.

The response to the new execution of the Pipe Doctor video has been hugely positive. S1E are confident that the motion experience will not only be a valuable instructional tool for contractors, but will also positively impact future sales.

The end

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