Reinforcing client partnerships through a confident brand identity

Sheila Aly is a highly experienced London-based barrister, specialising in employment, family, and immigration law. Her skilled approach focuses on creating genuine partnerships with her clients, enabling her to develop strategies that align with their circumstances. By leading with empathy and support, she can identify her clients’ exact goals — and produce a realistic plan to work towards them.

Working with the team at Herron was a great experience. They were attentive, understood my needs, and provided a hands-on, customised approach. Their genuine care for my business resulted in a brand I’m truly happy with.

Sheila Aly, Barrister

Sheila has won multiple cases of significance, including representing Staceny Macken in what is the most well-publicised equal pay cases and led to the start of the #metoo movement: Stacey Macken v BNP Paribas. She was also featured in a documentary film called Its Raining Women, because of her involvement in the Rebecca Burke v Talk Talk case. The film was shown in March 2023 at the Jeden Svet (“One World”) festival in Prague; one of the largest human rights film festivals in the world.

Sheila initially approached our team at Herron to build a new website, but our conversations soon focused on her brand. While her reputation was highly respected in legal circles, Sheila’s online profiles were disparate and inconsistent. Before we could deliver an effective website, we’d need to create a cohesive brand; one that could channel her profile and communications much more consistently.

Our process began with a discovery session to better understand Sheila’s expertise and capabilities as a barrister. This was a hugely inspiring exchange that delivered extensive insight into Sheila’s professional philosophy and her consultative and litigation approaches; as well as her drive to guide clients through their legal experience.

It was in this first session that we uncovered Sheila’s core purpose: to help stressed and vulnerable individuals find a clear pathway through contentious legal situations, ensuring their objectives are fully realised on their terms. It was this learning that inspired and guided our brand solution.

We began by designing a stylised monogram logo that integrated the curvaceous form of the ’S’ (representing the client’s emotional state) with the straight ascent of the ‘A’ — expressing the clear pathway to success that Sheila defines. The marque was supported by a contrasting colour palette, sophisticated type style and a proprietary image style; expanding on the clear pathway idea through a subtle, yet confident, 3D expression.
This confident and elegant elegant brand identity is supported by a new brand messaging suite including a positioning statement, brand signature and top-level brand messages — all crafted in a client-first language that speaks with sincerity and reassurance.

The complete solution is a brand identity and messaging suite that aligns authentically with her legal approach and philosophy, while also providing a galvanised environment for her brand communications.

The end

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