Creating a progressive new brand for a strategic project management firm

SWPM is a disruptive project management firm that challenges the traditional processes and governance that constrains bigger firms, by being more agile and adaptable to clients’ specific requirements to deliver a bespoke service and more efficient outcome. They approached us to help them create an impactful brand that reflected their ethos and ambition. We immediately saw an opportunity to carve a distinct space for SWPM in a marketplace that is stunted by sameness.

Herron took us on a fantastic journey that not only helped us better understand who we were and what we wanted to achieve, but also gave us an identity that expresses our passion for transforming complexity into opportunity for our clients.

Simon Wells, Managing Director

Our process began with an exploratory brand workshop to unearth the differentiating attributes of the SWPM mindset. This was a highly productive session that surfaced a great deal of insight around SWPM’s core purpose of delivering strategic project management consultancy that drives efficiencies at all levels. Whilst also influencing the creation of a core objective to create a compelling brand identity and messaging suite for SWPM – that confidently and authentically emulates their free thinking and highly strategic approach to transforming complex challenges into streamlined efficiency.

Our solution manifested as a sharp-edged and streamlined brand marque that works in congruence with intricate and dynamic narrative graphics expressing the deeper consciousness that SWPM bring to complex project management. This powerful new visual language is supported by a fresh set of brand values, positioning statement and brand signature all succinctly articulated in a client first language that speaks plainly and intelligently.

Our work with SWPM has resulted in a brand image and voice that authentically conveys the value and experience of working, while simultaneously capturing the attention of a raft of new prospects.

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